Why zero waste?

Think about your average picnic. Plastic tableclothes, plastic cutlery, plastic cups, bottled water, juice boxes, plastic bags around every sandwich, individual bags of chips, plates that could be paper, styrofoam or more plastic, the list goes on. All in the name of convenience, then, straight to the landfill where it will last virtually forever. But how convenient was driving to the store to buy it all, hauling it into the house, unwrapping it, tossing out the packaging and packing it up just to throw away somewhere else? Not to mention the money wasted buying things you already have at home. By creating a ready to fill picnic kit, you can have a trash-free meal to go in no time.

Our pre-portioned, pre-bottled, disposable culture is wreaking havoc on the planet and we’re drowning in plastic. Recycling is not enough, many plastics are low grade and cannot be recycled, many places don’t have a recycling bin so plastic gets tossed in the trash, other countries will no longer accept our unwanted recycling so it goes to the landfill. Pre-packaged food and drinks also add tons of food waste every year with gargantuan portions, often of 2 or more servings per container. All this waste contributes thousands of pounds of greenhouse gasses to our atmosphere every year.

  • Stainless steel bottles keep drinks cold, are dishwasher safe and can get dropped over and over again.

  • Second hand cutlery from thrift stores or garage sales takes the worry out of losing the “good stuff”. Or try these sets of reusable cutlery.

  • Cloth napkins and tablecloths are super absorbent and less likely to fly away.

  • A cooler or insulated bag keeps everything fresh and carries all the dirty dishes home without spills.