Getting Around

Here are greener ways to get from A to B, fueled by more than just gas.

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Electric vehicles

Transportation has surpassed electricity generation as the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in America. Fortunately today we have choices of what we can drive. Broadly, there are two types of electric vehicles: Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). Plug-in Hybrids can drive on all electric, typically for 20-40 miles, and have a gas engine for longer trips. Battery Electric Vehicles run 100% on electricity and have typical ranges from 170 to 240 miles. Most EV drivers simply charge at home and rarely, if ever, need to charge on the road. There are EVs available in many styles including sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, SUV, and high performance. Most people don’t realize that EVs are fun to drive, with faster acceleration, higher torque and better handling than similar gas powered cars. Although EVs tend to initially cost more than comparable gas cars, the cost per mile and maintenance requirements are much less, so the true cost of ownership is lower than gas cars. Double your impact by charging your EV with energy from renewables, drive on sunshine and wind power!

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We are fortunate that Highland Park is a bike friendly community, and it is relatively easy to get around town on foot and by bike. Consider taking a car free day each week - it’s good for you and for the environment. Highland Park has an extensive sidewalk network. The McClory and the Skokie Valley Trails both go through the city and connect to other trails to our north and south.  Highland Park’s Bike Walk 2030 Plan and Complete Streets Policy ensures that the needs of cyclists and pedestrians are taken into consideration in infrastructure projects. Get out and ride - you’ll be glad you did!

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Walking, trains, buses and car sharing

No car? No problem. Many homes in Highland Park are within walking distance of schools, businesses and the entire downtown area. Check your current or future home’s walkability score here.  We also have 4 Metra stops to help you get in and out of the city without the traffic. You can even take your bike on the train. In the city, connect to the CTA and Amtrak. Hop on the PACE bus for another suburban transportation option, bikes welcome.  When you really just need a car for a few hours or day, consider car sharing with Zipcar or Maven. These programs allow you to reserve and drive cars by the hour — and they cover the cost of the vehicle, insurance, gas, parking, and maintenance.